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Prices in Euro plus 19% VAT (only for private EU-customers) plus shipping costs

- Prices from Jan. ‘07 -


Here's a small list of [old] films I can process;

Ektachrome 160 that are process EM-26 this must be written on the label of the cartridge.
Ektachrome 160 EM-26 with sound stripe,
Ektachrome [40-160] that have not EM-26 have only 10% chance of success.

ORWO films colour reversal. Fuji single8 films all of them, old and new types.
All Agfa Super 8 films with exception of the white-labelled cartridges because these have success rates of only about 10%. The newest Agfa's are very successful.

Other brands that can be processed 'successfully' are:
  Revue superchrome films
  Perutz Peruchrome
  Prinz Color
  Ferrania Colour
  Boots Moviechrome
  3M ColourMovie
  Dixons Colour Cine

Please keep in mind that old films are always a risk.
Even new Agfa films can fail, I still do not know why, probably because they are quite aged.
The Super8 Reversal Lab can give NO warranty the result will be good.
The price for one film is Euro 14.00 including a reel, excluding postal charge and 19% MwSt. / VAT.
One Super 8 film including all will cost Euro 19.23 if the customer pays in cash
[if the cash is enclosed in the envelope -- sent at customer’s risk].
One film including payment by bank transfer will cost Euro 23.40. This is the safest way.

You have to contact the Super8 Reversal Lab before sending films.
I do not accept films that do not have an order confirmation.





Prices in Euro plus 19% VAT (only for private EU-customers) plus shipping costs.
Mistakes, misprint and price adjustments reserved.



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