Super 8 Color Negative to Positive (technical information)

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Prices in Euro plus 19% VAT (only for private EU-customers) plus shipping costs

- Prices from Jan. ‘15 -


•    Printing is usually carried out on polyester-based material.
     Polyester material can be spliced using only tape splicing

 •   Sound striping on polyester material can be done with mono or stereo tracks.

 •   When contact printing is used, the emulsion/base sides change their positions.
     Editing to combine with original film such as Kodachrome 40 or Ektachrome is not possible.


Sound striping of polyester material  -mono-   EUR 0,75 per meter / without VAT
      (minimum charge of 25 m)

Sound striping of polyester material  -stereo-   EUR 1,25 per meter / without VAT
      (minimum charge of 25 m)

•    All of the film is graded (timed) and an average printing light is determined.
     Greater density / color variations can be taken care of and corrected.

•    For each print negative reel (max. printing length 180 m spool = 15 x 15m reels) an extra charge for 6m
     head and tail leaders will apply

    Due to multiple processing and printing passes, the negative material can be affected by additional very minute
   damages which might become visible when using dry-gate scanning, the only method currently available.
    If you plan to have your negative film professionally scanned, then you should always do so before printing.

•    When printing is directly ordered, you will be charged for the development only. (No charge for telecine preparation)
     Additionally, each 15m reel can then be graded (timed) based on your specification.

•    Prices for reels and cans depend on current pricing available.

•    Due to the effect of the wet-gate liquid on splices, we can accept only the following types of edited
   negative film submitted:

      •    Mechanically perfect and solid cement splices (for instance, made with Hamann splicer)
      •    4-frame mono tape splices

     4-frame stereo splices, 2-frame tape splices (mono or stereo) or using CIR splicers,
     inaccurately punched tape splices cannot be accepted because printing may cause damages
     on the negative film.

 •    To print several times (from about 5 on), only cement splices can be used.

 •    The printed positive can also be scanned, of course. It will look more like a film, rather than
      a scanning from a negative. In addition, the picture is much cleaner than the directly scanned negative.
      The price for scanning from positive is usually less expensive than from negative, and also telecine
      preparation costs do not apply.





Prices in Euro plus 19% VAT (only for private EU-customers) plus shipping costs.
Mistakes, misprint and price adjustments reserved.



updated Jan. 12, 2015