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The Frame Master - A Little Device for A Big Revolution in Super 8
Precision-made pressure plate for any Kodak Super 8 cassette
Can easily be used with any standard Super 8 cassette
Improves picture sharpness and steadiness like an in-camera film-gate pressure plate

After many years of intensive researching and development and hundreds
of test runs, it has been finally achieved what you have been so desparately
looking for: Making films of stunning sharpness and picture steadiness while
using the well proven, world wide available, relatively inexpensive and easy
to handle Super 8 format with its Super 8 cassette system.
The key to succsess: A simple add-on that transforms any Super 8 cassette
into what it should have been designed to from the very beginning, and that
is doing away with the often discussed and annoying disadvantages of the
Super 8 cassette system.

The new device is a precision-manufactured, hard-chrome-plated brass plate which is simply additionally fitted into the pressure plate window of any
Super 8 cassette to do its miracle. What has been seen so far, the following improvements can be achieved realized:

-  The higher precision of the guiding device leads to a clearly improved
  picture steadiness, both horizontally and vertically.
-  With the lens correctly adjusted, a uniform sharpness of the picture is
  achieved over the entire width of the image area. Partly unsharp pictures
  or “bumping” sharpness are a thing of the past. Sharpness variations do
  not occur any more.
-  The film runs smoother through the camera, thus producing far less
  camera noise.
-  The improved pressure of the film towards the film gate results in a distinctly
  improved picture quality.
-  Slow-motion and high-speed takes can be capture without problems.
-  The danger of a plastic cassette pressure window causing scratches on
  the base side of the film is reduced - which is of high importance for all
  later video transfers.
This all can be particularly observed when using new film material like
VNF 7240 (Ektachrome 125 ASA, color reversal film stock) and
Vision 2 200 T / 500 T (color negative film stock).

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Are there any downsides to this new device?
No, not that we would know of. With one small exception:
You have to remove the device from a full cassette before sending the cassette to the lab for development.
Otherwise you might end up not receiving back your “little secret” with the developed film - for obvious reasons.

To summarize:
The new pressure plate is a small onetime investment.
For a substantial longtime improvement the picture quality of your films.
It finally makes possible what Super 8 could have been since more than three decades.
You will discover a clear improvement in most of your takes. Put your confidence for your new takes
in this new high-precision guiding pressure plate and experience a brand-new Super 8.
What the pressure plate cannot do:
The new high-precision guiding pressure plate does not compensate bad camera operation caused
by low batteries and it does not correct mechanical defects of a camera or mend defective cassettes or film material.

Thanks to considerable investment in a more effective production process,
the price of manufacturing the pressure platte could be reduced!

Price per pressure plate  EUR 125.- net   ( EUR 148.75 incl. VAT ) plus shipping fees

Please note: VAT only charged for private EU-customers

Prices for example: USA-customers are charged EUR 120.- for
pressure plate incl. transportation with registered Airmail letter

Demonstration video 

<-- More Demo-video information

Please note:

Meanwhile, first imitations of the high-precision pressure plate have been offered on the market and the Internet.

These imitations do not in any case meet the quality requirements and do not produce any picture quality enhancements.

Original view of delivery
plus operation instructions

The pressure plate is a product of GK-Film, Gotfried Klose, August-Bebel-Str. 73, 33602 Bielefeld.
It is protected by law. Copying is prohibited and is liable to criminal prosecution. Patent No. 20204191.3

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Prices in Euro plus 19% VAT (only for private EU-customers) plus shipping costs.
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