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  Independent report from a german filmmakers magazine


Idar Dyrdal (Norge) Dec. 17. 2002

Dear Mr. Draser,
I got very good results with my Bauer camera and K40 Sound cartridges this summer. The images are
now much more stable than I have been able to obtain with that camera without the pressure plate,
and now the registration is also consistently fine from beginning to end of each cartridge, with no
variation from one cartridge to the other.

Paolo Rapalino (Zenit, Italy) Sept. 6. 2002

Buongiorno Mr. Draser,
finally I received the first roll of Kodachrome filmed with the new pressure plate. I projected it few
minutes ago and I must say that I notice quite a big improvement: the steadyness of the frame it is very
good, and also the sharpness of the image, even on the sides, it is perfect. But... that is only a first test
that I made during a weekend at the beach. Next week I'll go to south of Italy to film more.
Many greetings.
Paolo Rapalino

Frame-Master review  by Chris Cottrill
Published by “The Reel Image”  Issue 12
Despite the much maligned image of the Super-8 plastic pressure plate designed by Kodak, is really
an engineering marvel. What makes this a marvel is the fact that it works so well. There are the times,
however, when the focus seems to "breathe' and does not seem as consistent as it should.
Now along comes the Frame-Master, a small silver metal piece that is inserted into the cartridge quite
easily overtop the plastic pressure plate. On wide angle shots, at higher f/stops, and particularly using
Kodachrome, I could not tell any difference using the Frame-Master. I believe this is because of the
greater depth of field when filming with these settings. A greater depth of field can be very forgiving if
there are slight variations in sharpness. At lower f/stops, telephoto shots, and particularly using
Ektachrome 7240, there was a definite viewable improvement. Perhaps the Ektachrome film is thinner
(in fact it is thicker) than Kodachrome and this makes the Frame-Master perform better, or perhaps
due to Ektachrome having an inherent grainy look to it, the difference shows up more. Whatever the
case, there is a big improvement in sharpness when using Ektachrome, and the film appears less grainy.
Another noticeable improvement was when using Kodachrome and macro filming, which by it's nature
has a very narrow depth of field. A much sharper image was the result in this case as use the
Frame-Master, out of habit, on all my filming. Unless you are strictly an outdoor shooter, using Koda-
chrome on sunny days, I would recommend making the investment in the Frame-Master for a more
consistent sharpness to your films.





Prices in Euro plus 19% VAT (only for private EU-customers) plus shipping costs



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