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The Frame Master - Demonstation Video

The Video shows examples of different film stock
using and not using the pressure plate.

Sample - Download
(MPEG ca. 2.6 MB)


Kodak Plus-X 7276

    Test still shots

Kodak Plus-X 7278

    Test still shots

Kodak VNF 7240

    Test still shots
    Motion shots


Kodak Vision 200 T

    Test still shots
    Motion shots


Kodachrome 40

    Test still shots

Impaired (uneasy)
Film transport

    Motion shots

The test shots were taken using different camera types.
After viewing our test shots as well as test shots of our customers,
we consider the results shown to be quite representative.
We guarantee that the shots reflect the original state of results and
that no manipulations of any kind have been applied.

Delivery formats: VHS PAL oder NTSC
Sorry: Not available at the moment, exspected again late April 2012!
ees, including shipping flat rate, when placing exclusive order:


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(regular mail) 
(regular mail) 

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When ordering, please enclose the amount due in CASH (EUR or USD),
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All charges at your expense for payments into our Postbank account.
If you require an invoice, there will be an extra charge of EUR 5.-
( Fee for demo cassette: EUR 3.- )
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Prices in Euro plus 19% VAT (only for private EU-customers) plus shipping costs.
Mistakes, misprint and price adjustments reserved.



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